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Final upload

We are delighted to announce that calendars of all of the Gascon rolls from 1317 to 1467 are now complete. A final uploading will be undertaken in late November/early December 2019.

Thanks to everyone who has worked on this project since its inception in 2007. A special thanks to all who have supported the project financially.

Many more calendars coming soon

We are pleased to announce that more calendars are coming soon to fill the gaps in the rolls for the reign of Edward III.

In early June we will be putting on the site calendars for 1330-1334, 1336-42, 1351-58.

We are working hard on the remaining rolls for 1342-4, 1348-51, 1358-60. Watch this space

Many thanks to the University of Southampton for its financial support.

Anne Curry and Guilhem Pepin