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A medieval Gascon view of Europe

In which countries did the administration take an interest?

To answer this question, we will use RWorldmap, a library that I have mentioned in previous posts. RWorldmap is at its best when used for visual analytics.

The illustration below is a map showing the frequency of reference to different countries in the published Gascon Rolls.The darker blue the country, the more prominently it features in the Rolls.

The Gascon Rolls and the End of English Gascony 1451-1453

By Anne Curry

The city of Bordeaux, capital of English Gascony, surrendered to Charles VII of France on 30 June 1451. This marked the end of effective English rule in an area of France which had been held by the English crown since the mid twelfth century. Yet the Gascon rolls do not end until 3 March 1468. That is almost seventeen years later.

Why should a Gascon roll have been continued for so long? This is ...

The sirventés (political song) ‘El dugat…’, A little known song of Pey de Ladils on the Anglo-Gascon Aquitaine

By Guilhem Pépin


Le sirventés ‘el dugat…’. Une chanson méconnue de Pey de Ladils sur l’Aquitaine anglo-gasconne (article published in French in Les Cahiers du Bazadais, 152 (2006), pp. 5-27)

Attributed for a long time to the late troubadour from Rouergue Ramon de Cornet, the sirventés, (political song in langue d’oc) El dugat… is in reality the work of Pey de Ladils, a Gascon troubadour originating from Bazas who wrote it during the war of Saint-Sardos (1324-5) between ...

Le sirventés ‘El dugat…’. Une chanson méconnue de Pey de Ladils sur l’Aquitaine anglo-gasconne

Guilhem Pépin


Le sirventésEl dugat…’. Une chanson méconnue de Pey de Ladils sur l’Aquitaine anglo-gasconne (article publié dans Les Cahiers du Bazadais, n° 152, 2006, p 5-27)

Longtemps attribué au troubadour tardif Rouergat Ramon de Cornet, le sirventés (chanson politique en langue d’oc) El dugat… est en fait l’œuvre de Pey de Ladils, un troubadour tardif gascon originaire de Bazas, qui l’écrivit pendant la guerre de Saint-Sardos (1324-1325) entre le roi d’Angleterre – duc d’Aquitaine (roi-duc) Édouard ...

Garrisons, communication routes and supplying in 1324-5: the Anglo-Gascon troops in the duchy of Aquitaine

Françoise Bériac(-Lainé) et Sophie Cauchois,

Garnisons, voies de communication et ravitaillement en 1324-1325 : les troupes anglo-gasconnes dans le duché d’Aquitaine
(article published in French in Châteaux, routes et rivières. Actes des rencontres d’archéologie et d’histoire en Périgord les 26, 27 et 28 septembre 1997, ed. F. Bériac, A.-M. Cocula et A.-M. Dom (Bordeaux, 1998), pp. 46-71)

The summary account of the expenses of the Anglo-Gascon troops during the war of Saint-Sardos (1324-5) of the English clerk Nicholas ...