Garrisons, communication routes and supplying in 1324-5: the Anglo-Gascon troops in the duchy of Aquitaine


Françoise Bériac(-Lainé) et Sophie Cauchois,


Garnisons, voies de communication et ravitaillement en 1324-1325 : les troupes anglo-gasconnes dans le duché d’Aquitaine
(article published in French in Châteaux, routes et rivières. Actes des rencontres d’archéologie et d’histoire en Périgord les 26, 27 et 28 septembre 1997, ed. F. Bériac, A.-M. Cocula et A.-M. Dom (Bordeaux, 1998), pp. 46-71)

The summary account of the expenses of the Anglo-Gascon troops during the war of Saint-Sardos (1324-5) of the English clerk Nicholas de Huggate is held at the British Library, London. This exceptional document gives us considerable data on the number of the troops and size of the garrisons, the arrival of English troops, the organisation of their supply centred on Bordeaux as well as the Anglo-Gascon strategic measures.

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