2.8: Inspeximus, Exemplification, Confirmation and Ratification Forms

Example 1

Entry 82

4 April 1325. Kenilworth.

Ratification of the assignments made by Edmund [of Woodstock], earl of Kent, the king's brother, late lieutenant in the duchy, by his letters patent, to certain barons and others of the duchy who had lost their lands because they adhered to the king's service, of properties that had come into the king's hand to the value of those they had lost, to hold the same at the king's will or until the king otherwise ordained. The barons and others are to account before the constable of Bordeaux for any surplus from the lands that they were assigned above the value of those they lost, and the constable is to recompense them if the lands that they were assigned were of less value than the ones that they lost. It is ordered that none of those receiving assignments should enter into any other homage nor take any other oath of fealty, without the king’s licence.

By K.

Example 2

Entry 65

21 June 1333. Shotley. For Galhart de Siran.

Confirmation for Galhart de Siran, king’s valet, of the assignment made to him by the letters of Oliver de Ingham, seneschal of Gascony, and Antonio Uso di Mari, lieutenant of Nicolao Usi di Mari, constable of Bordeaux, of 29l. to be taken from the issues of the duchy. It was further granted that Siran should continue to take the same until the king should make provision for him elsewhere, or he recovers his property that he lost in the king’s service. At Siran’s request the king ordered the then seneschal of Gascony and the constable of Bordeaux to assign to Siran for his service to the king in the duchy, and for his losses sustained by him, 200l.bord. to be taken from the issues of the duchy of Aquitaine each year at convenient places within the duchy. Ingham and Uso di Mari by virtue of the order, and by the advice of the king’s council of those parts, assigned to Siran that he should take that sum annually from various baylies, customs and governorships, as is more fully contained in Ingham and Uso di Mari’s letters. However, nothing can be taken from the baylie of Labourd because it has now been granted by the king to Arnaut de Durfort. Siran has has asked the king to confirm the remainder of the assignments made by Ingham and Uso di Mari to him, and he wishes to do so.

By K., and it was examined by the council in the last parliament.

Example 3

Entry 93

12 July 1333. Kennington. Exemplification.

Inspeximus of letters patent lately made under the seal then used in England in these words:

7 February 1331. Kings Langley.

Appointment of Gerard Elys and Peter Martel as masters of the mint in Bordeaux, during pleasure, taking what others have previously had for that office.

The king has granted that the letters be exemplified under the seal now used in England. Attested by Edward [of Woodstock], duke of Cornwall and earl of Chester, son of the king, keeper of England.

Example 4

Entry 176

15 January. Westminster.

Exemplification at the request of Bérart d’Albret of the letters patent granted to him by the king, as appears by inspection of the rolls of chancery for the same in these words:

24 September 1334. Westminster.

Grant to Albret, for the good service that he has done and will do, in enlargement of that grant to him for life of the keepership of the castle and castellany of Puynormand and the bastide of Villefranche-de-Longchat, taking 100l.st. from the issues of the castle and castellany, and rendering to the king each year beyond the 100l.st. 200l. as previous keepers who held the same during pleasure have done. The grants are now be for life, without rendering anything to the king.

Albret has requested the exemplification because the original letters have been lost accidentally.